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Monday, 4 April 2011

Red Bull's Hangar 7 Museum

 Here's something to put on your Bucket List. You must see the Red Bull Hangar 7 Fluegzeug Museum - Air and Art Museum. It's next door to Salzburg Airport in Austria. This is where Red Bull's billionaire owner keeps his toys - and its one amazing shed! Housed in an award-winning design glass hangar structure this display of vintage and modern planes, jets, helicopters, F1 cars, GP bikes, Nascars etc is incredible. And Hangar 7 is also an art space showing first release and touring exhibitions.
 A North American B25 Mitchell has been buffed to perfection.
 Sebastian Vettel's F1 racer is one of many current race cars on display.
A Viewing Bar and Lounge - the owner can look down and admire his collection. Hangar 7 also hosts the world-class Ikarus Restaurant where some of Europes best chefs take turns feeding his distinguished guests.

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