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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gaudi Genius

Antonin Gaudi [1852-1926]

An Incomparable and Unique Genius

“The straight line is the line of Man, the curve is the line of God” Antonin Gaudi

Some years ago I made a special trip to Barcelona just to see the incredible work of Antonin Gaudi, Spain's most famous design architect. Gaudi left his footprint all over Barcelona and you can easily spend a fascinating day visiting the sites.

Gaudi's Amazing Casa Batllo Apartment Building [1904- 1906]

This is the exterior of Casa Batllo, Barcelona, an apartment building designed entirely by Gaudi and considered his masterwork.

Inside Casa Batllo is just as amazing. A wonderful, incredible example of Nouveau free-flowing style, exquisite stain-glass windows, beautiful woodwork and ceramic decoration. The degree of detail and design has to be seen to be believed. Every single aspect of this building is conceptual right down to the buttons on the elevator panel. And check out this picture of Gaudi's skylight design!

Casa Mila, Barcelona  [1906-1910]

Casa Mila [also known as La Pedrera - or The Quarry]. It was built for the married couple, Roser Segimon and Pere Milà. Roser Segimon was the wealthy widow of Josep Guardiola, an Indiano, a term applied locally to the Catalans returning from the American colonies with tremendous wealth.

Gaudi's La Sagrada Famile Cathedral. 

Easily the highest form on Barcelona's skyline, this building is still being completed 85 years after his death. After finishing work one night Gaudi was hit by a tram outside the Cathedral and killed. Fortunately he left behind a scale model allowing todays craftsmen to interpret his design. The whole building is a seething mass of melting shapes and sculptures which have to be seen to be believed. I was lucky enough to be allowed up into the highest spire. One of the builders took me up in the bucket of a crane. Very scary but the best view of the surrounding city imaginable.

Up close detail of the carving covering the entire La Sagrada Famile Cathedral.

Gaudi's apartment blocks have an incredible variety of Chimney Stacks. Every set totally unique.

The Gaudi wrought iron gates of a Goverment building.

A ceramic tiled Gaudi fountain in Barcelona's Guell Park.

Gaudi's Crypt stained glass

Major Works of Gaudí
Cooperativa Obrera Mataronense (1878–1882) Mataró
El Capricho (1883–1885) Comillas
Casa Vicens (1883–1888) Barcelona
Sagrada Família (1883–1926) Barcelona
Güell Pavilions (1884–1887) Barcelona
Palau Güell (1886–1890) Barcelona
Colegio de las Teresianas (1888–1889) Barcelona
Episcopal Palace of Astorga (1889–1915) Astorga
Casa Botines (1891–1894) León
Bodegas Güell (1895–1897) Sitges
Casa Calvet (1898–1900) Barcelona
Bellesguard (1900–1909) Barcelona
Parc Güell (1900–1914) Barcelona
Casa Batlló (1904–1906) Barcelona
Artigas Gardens (1905–1906) La Pobla de Lillet
Casa Milà (1906–1910) Barcelona
Church of Colònia Güell (1908–1915) Colònia Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló)

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