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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pyramid Secrets

The Great Pyramid of Cheops [Khufu] 2551 - 2528 B.C. is over 4,500 years old. It was already over 1,000 years old when Tutankhamen was born. Built on the Giza plateau, cased in white limestone polished to a glass smooth finish and embellished with a brilliant real gold tip, the Pyramid glittered in the desert like a gigantic glass prism. Was the Great Pyramid an astronomical observatory? Was it an almanac? A geographic marker? Was it a tomb?

In 900 A.D. when Al Mamun, the Caliph of Cairo, forced his way into the pyramid for the first time he found nothing! No gold. No statues. No Pharaoh's mummy. The sarcophagus empty! In fact there is absolutely nothing on the outside or inside of the pyramid to say who it belonged to. All the surfaces, even in the King's burial chamber are polished smooth with no decoration whatsoever.

The only way we know it belonged the Pharaoh Cheops came to light in Napoleon's time, when an inside foundation stone was exposed to reveal a small dedication to the Pharaoh from the workers who fashioned the block. What happened to his mummy? Was he ever buried in the pyramid?

Unlike the Middle Kingdom pharaohs who were interned with everything they needed for the after-life and decorated the walls with scenes boasting their achievements, Al Mamun the Caliph found the burial chamber completely clean with no evidence of a previous break-in and robbery. Even today we still don't know the answer.

There are enough secrets surrounding the Great Pyramid to drive pyramidologists crazy.

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