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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bigger Than Elvis!

He is bigger than Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. He is the biggest Dead Celebrity Earner and he died over 3,000 years ago! The boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen is the biggest box-office attraction of all time. In 2007 a travelling exhibition "Golden Age of the Pharaohs" featuring 50 objects from Tutankhamen's tomb started touring the United States. The Los Angeles Museum of Art pre-sold 250,000 tickets and then another 500,000 tickets in the first 30 days. Fort Lauderdale hosted 707,534 visitors in 4 months. Philidelphia sold 1.3 million tickets and Dallas sold 600,000, making it the biggest exhibition in U.S. history. In London at the 02 Dome they sold out 2 million tickets immediately.
Tutankhamen then went across Europe and is now opening in Melbourne. Tickets sold across the world to date exceed 14 million, earning hundreds of millions of dollars for the Museums and Egypt's Council of Antiquities.

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