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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Space Is The Place

the Golden Breed say
Space Is The Place

In 1975 the Lizard Feathers Inc. empire consisted of my business partner and I working as freelance advertising and marketing consultants from a home base. We approached an Adelaide-based Surf wear company called Golden Breed, promising to create a promotional campaign that would build the label into a national youth brand.

Lizard Feathers conceived a series of eight posters for display in retail outlets. The posters also doubled as full colour outside back cover advertisements in youth magazines. Each poster was devised to appeal to teen sub-cultures as they existed back then. Bikes. Surf. Skate. Comics. Cosmics. Stoners. 

Space Is The Place is my favourite. Behold the Monster out there alone in space. His head on fire he lets out an almighty scream. Wearing his basic white t-shirt, the Golden Breed hear him loud and clear.

Artwork by Richard Zaloudek.

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