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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Golden Breed's Keep Your Balance

the Golden Breed say
Keep Your Balance

Keep Your Balance was the last Golden Breed poster in the series. It represented a yin and yang approach to the temptations and attractions presented to the youth of the day. The artwork is exquisite and shows our young protagonist stepping from the dark side, wearing his Golden Breed striped polo.

By 1978, the Lizard Feathers consultancy was morphing into sports marketing activities, on behalf of a small group of youth-orientated companies like South Australian sportswear manufacturer Golden Breed. In three years Golden Breed had grown into a major lifestyle brand with an enviable grass-roots image that kids wanted to wear.

Now that Golden Breed had an established image we moved onto creating activities that kids wanted to be a part of. Together we created and sponsored action events like Skateboard Expression Sessions, Junior Surfing contests and Motocross events that wrote the rules of how extreme sports are marketed today.

The Golden Breed posters kept coming but from here were more focussed on promoting the sponsored events.

art by Richard Zaloudek.

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