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Friday, 10 June 2011

The Golden Breed Smoke

the Golden Breed say

The adventures of Alice in Wonderland have inspired the imagination of many generations since the novel was written in 1865 by Charles Dogdson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Adaptations of his novel have resulted in ten movies and hundreds of cartoons, television documentaries and plays.

In one of the earliest examples of fantasy genre, Lewis Carroll created more than twenty memorable characters for his Alice In Wonderland tale. Including the wonderfully wise Caterpillar, sitting on top of a magic mushroom, smoking a strange brew from his hookah. Heady stuff for nearly 150 years ago.

For our Golden Breed client, Lizard Feathers commissioned artist Richard Zaloudek to create his version of the Caterpillar for poster number five in the series. The Caterpillar is wearing a plush Golden Breed velour sweatshirt in keeping with the character.

Art by Richard Zaloudek. circa 1976

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